How to Pick the Perfect Nude Lipstick

For any woman, choosing the perfect lipstick can be a daunting task. In a way, it can be compared to picking the right tie for a man. Contrary to popular belief, there’s not too much philosophy behind finding the best nude lipstick that can accentuate your makeup and fashion style. That being said, there are indeed some unspoken rules that should be followed in order to truly make finding the best lipstick shade easily. So, dear ladies, without further a due, here are some tips on choosing the best nude lipstick, gathered from the professionals.

Pay Attention To Your Undertone

The best nude lipstick should make you look fresh, not washed out. That’s why picking a perfect lipstick has everything to do with flattering your skin complexion. Any girl can wear nude lipstick; for those with lighter skin, the best nude lipstick is somewhere in the pink area. On the other hand, for girls with a more pale skin tone, picking the right lipstick color has to do with mostly finding a nude that has only a hint of pink in its base. So in short: Finding the perfect nude lipstick is all about nuances of your undertone.

Lipstick texture Should Play A Vital Role

For any girl, the main thing about picking the right shade of lipstick is being able to differentiate between your face and your lips. Rest assured you can find the best nude lipstick out there regardless of whether you’re a matte lover or a glossy girl. The experts say that picking a perfect lipstick has everything to do with finding a texture and shade you’re actually comfortable with. In other words, when choosing the best nude lipstick, you should ignore what’s on trend at the moment. A huge part of picking a perfect lipstick is knowing you’ll feel great wearing it.

The Importance Of Natural Lip Color

Remember that the best nude lipstick doesn’t just flatter your skin tone. Keep in mind that the payoff is also affected by the natural color of your lips. In fact, it’s somewhat of a rule that picking a perfect lipstick is a huge challenge for anyone with a lot of natural pigment in their lips. The solution? The best nude lipstick to neutralize such a problem is one that has a bit of gold or peach in it. This because the blue in one’s lips is easily neutralized by the yellow undertones, so keep that in mind when yo’re looking to match your natural lip color.

Don’t Forget Good Preparation

Finally, picking a lipstick has everything to do with the dryness of your lips. Even the best nude lipstick on the market won’t act as a magic wand, because nude just doesn’t look good on dry lips. Why? Because it can emphasize fine lines and lip texture. Prior to picking your perfect lipstick, it would be wise to exfoliate first, in order to avoid a dry or cracked appearance. You can eliminate any rough spots with a lip scrub, and then simply apply the best nude lipstick on your smooth canvas.

So, dear ladies, remember: picking a perfect lipstick should be a process, not an instantaneous decision. Put some time and thinking into it, and it will definitely prove worth-while. The best nude lipstick for you is already out there; all you have to do is discover it.


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